22 Oct 2012

College of Marshall Islands head worried about funding changes

6:10 am on 22 October 2012

The President at the College of the Marshall Islands says any changes to funding from the US Government could have a devastating effect on education.

Funding for students is expected to change from a system based on enrolment and access to one based on student achievement.

The President of the College, Carl Hacker, says the idea of funding based on achievement sounds good in theory, but is unworkable in the education environment of the Marshalls.

"When kids graduate from High School most of them are really struggling when it comes to things like math, science and language. We spend at least half of our budget working on developmental and remedial education. It's tough, a change in the formula is going to have a big impact."

Carl Hacker says a taskforce has been created with the Minister of Education and High schools to improve the academic success of students.

But he says changes to college funding will set back the progress that has been made.