23 Nov 2012

Former Vanuatu President against changes to no-confidence rules

8:03 am on 23 November 2012

Vanuatu's former president, Kalkot Mataskelekele, says the country's constitution should be modified to restrict votes of no confidence in the government.

Within hours of the new government being named on Monday there was talk of a vote being staged but Mr Mataskelekele says the current legislation is too open.

He told a training course for new MPs that Vanuatu needs a system like that in Papua New Guinea where MPs cannot stage votes of no confidence within the first 18 months of an election.

Mr Mataskelekele says governments need a grace period to begin implementing their programme.

"For example at this time this government should be given the chance to carry out its work for the next 15 or 18 months and then after that there could be a motion. That's what have happened in the PNG situation but in our situation there can be a motion next week, or after next week, or next month or next year."