7 Jan 2013

People on cyclone-hit Makira in Solomons running out of food

3:57 pm on 7 January 2013

The Solomon Islands National Disaster Management Office says people on the island of Makira which bore the brunt of Cyclone Freda will run out of food if relief supplies don't arrive soon.

Assessors are inspecting the damage to the island from last week's storm, which caused widespread flooding of crops and food gardens near the island's main rivers.

A spokesperson for the Disaster Management Office, Sipuru Rove, says while people have been able to recover some produce, they need the rice and other supplies coming by ship this week.

"The delay was due to the suppliers and the process before the suppliers will be able to allow their relief items to be shipped to Kirakira. We are actually purchasing rice from a company. And that company needs their cheque before we can access that rice."

Sipuru Rove says a water purification unit is supplying the hospital and the wider community in the provincial capital, Kirakira.