6 Feb 2013

Vanuatu students start receiving allowances to study abroad

5:30 am on 6 February 2013

Some of the students in Vanuatu who were delayed in travelling abroad to university in Fiji and New Caledonia due to the government's financial problems have now received their allowances.

Vanuatu owed more than one million US dollars to different universities for 2012 and students set to leave for Fiji last month were told to wait because the government didn't have the money to pay them.

Students heading to New Caledonia were also delayed but an official from the Scholarship Office says those students left last Wednesday.

The official says they made an arrangement with the University of New Caledonia, which means students will get their allowance directly from the University, which the government will then reimburse.

He says the students heading to Fiji have already received the first semester allowance in their accounts and they're now due to leave Vanuatu on February the 14th.