11 Feb 2013

Fiji unionists quit NFP roles to comply with party decree

5:09 am on 11 February 2013

Two leading Fiji unionists have quit their political roles to allow the National Federation Party to try to re-register under the regime's new political party decree.

FBC News says Attar Singh and Pramod Rae relinquished their leadership positions at a weekend meeting in Nadi.

The party president, Raman Singh, says the NFP has managed to sign up the 5,000 required members and intends to apply for registration on Wednesday.

The NFP won no seat in the last three elections but was a major force in Fiji politics until 1999.

Most parties will be disestablished by the Thursday deadline, but there are expectations that the Fiji Labour Party and a renamed SDL will try to comply with the decree.

SDL is an acronym for its Fijian name but wants to switch it to mean Social Democratic Liberal Party.