19 Feb 2013

Samoa opposition unhappy with luxury government car fleet

1:23 pm on 19 February 2013

Samoa's opposition leader has criticised spending of taxpayer's money on extras for vehicles used by government chief executive officers.

The Tautua Party's Palusalue Faaopo II says such extras include tinting windows, flash bumpers, bull bars and other accessories.

He estimates those extras are bumping up the cost of a chief executive car from 40,000 US dollar to more than 65,000.

He says with 50 such cars being used, the extras are an unnecessary expense.

"Well we don't need these extras on these vehicles. They are treating it as it's their own vehicles. But we realise that what they are doing to these cars, it's like their show off cars, but it's not appropriate."

The Tautua Samoa Party's Palusalue Faaopo II.