14 May 2013

Australian academics ask Carr to demand action from Indonesia over Papua violence

3:26 pm on 14 May 2013

More than 30 academics in Australia have asked the Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr to petition Indonesia to take action against its security personnel.

The academics, who include five Indonesians, have written a letter to Mr Carr, calling him to respond to recent violence against Papuans.

Soldiers and police fired on a group preparing to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Indonesia's take over of the region on May the 1st.

Two men were killed instantly and another two died later in hospital.

Budi Hernawan, an Indonesian academic who lived in Jayapura for ten years, says Mr Carr should ask Jakarta to hold accountable all those involved in the abuse.

"The policy makers are behind the police action, so it is not only police brutality but it is state violence against Papuans. It is a unwritten policy from both the local governments and the National Government."

Australian National University academic Budi Hernawan.