23 May 2013

Early reports of mass killing in remote Papua causes alarm

7:45 pm on 23 May 2013

Human rights groups in Indonesia's remote province of Papua have expressed fears about an early report of a mass killing.

The KNPB or National Coalition for West Papua has alleged the Indonesian military is responsible for the disappearance of 41 people in a remote farming area around Puncak Jaya.

Alex Perrottet reports.

"West Papua Media Alerts have published the names of 13 people suspected of being hacked to death in Tingginambut, but the area is remote and controlled by Indonesian Kopassus troops, making it hard to verify the scanty details. It was the same area in which eight Kopassus troops were killed by suspected guerilla fighters in February. The KNPB, a pro-independence group, has published accusations that have been re-printed in newspapers in Papua. They say bodies were found in ditches, some mutilated and found in bags and sacks, and there could be up to 41 victims. Paul Mambrasar from the Elsham Papua human rights group in Jayapura says people are in fear and he has called on Indonesian authorities to investigate the matter thoroughly."