30 May 2013

PNG to explain repeal of Sorcery Act

3:36 pm on 30 May 2013

Papua New Guinea's justice minister says a massive media campaign will be launched to educate the public about Parliament's decision to repeal the controversial Sorcery Act.

The act has been criticised in recent months after a spate of sorcery-related killings where people were tortured and killed after being accused of using black magic.

The minister, Kerenge Kua, says the act has no place in a modern Papua New Guinea and anyone who kills someone over a misplaced belief will face the death penalty.

"Sorcery-related killings would have to be brought to an end because if they didn't, then they themselves would have to be brought to the same fate. So we're going to do a lot of campaigning to develop a high level of awareness throughout the country that it's simply does not pay to entertain that belief and then take it to the extreme of taking another person's life on account of that misplaced belief system."

Papua New Guinea's justice minister, Kerenge Kua