3 Jun 2013

Fiji's newest party to support free press and uphold rule of law

5:33 am on 3 June 2013

The newest political party to be registered in Fiji says it will fill a political vacuum in the country and will be open to the media.

The People's Democratic Party spokesperson Nirmal Singh says other parties are old and split on racial lines. He says his party has almost equal representation of both major ethnic groups.

Nirmal Singh says the party will stand for a completely free media, but he does not want to talk about changing laws such as the Media Industry Development Decree.

"We will subscribe to unfettered press, regardless. We believe in media freedom, we expect media to question us, we expect media to be the watchdog, it's the fourth estate, and we will ensure that Fiji has unfettered press and we want to be scrutinised and the media is the only organisation that can respond and scrutinise government on the people's behalf."

Nirmal Singh says the party will comply with the Government's requirement to declare all their assets and those of their children within the next week.