18 Jun 2013

Samoan man facing drug charges claims drugs were not his

10:22 am on 18 June 2013

A Samoa Quarantine Services officer who uplifted a bag which contained methamphetamine claims the contraband belonged to a couple who have fled the country.

The couple Paulo and Patricia Afamasaga fled in March while awaiting sentencing for drug crimes.

Accused Junior Patau, of Vaiala, uplifted the bag containing 60.5grams of meth at Customs at Faleolo International Airport.

Talamua online reports that when Patau arrived he asked for a specific Customs officer but was told the officer was not at work.

Customs went through his bag and found the drug.

The Prosecution argued that Patau tried to get out of his dilemma by blaming a couple whom he knew were not in the country.

Defence lawyer Toleafoa Solomona Toailoa argued there was not enough evidence to convict the defendant.

The assessors are scheduled to deliver their verdict today.