24 Jun 2013

Tongan Broadcaster looking for money to print tsunami book

7:56 pm on 24 June 2013

The Tongan Broadcasting Commission is looking for donors to help it print 9 thousand copies of a book about the impact of the 2009 earthquake and tsunami on the people of Nuiatoputapu.

The book, Niuatoputapu Tsunami, documents the experiences of survivors of the tsunami, which killed 9 people in Tonga's northernmost islands.

The general manager of the TBC, Nanise Fifita, says it already has 150 copies of the book in Tongan and English, but wants to distribute copies to all of the Kingdom's schools, as well as some in the wider Pacific.

"This book is not for TBC's own commercial interests. First and foremost it has to benefit the people of Niuatoputapu. The survivors of the 2009 earthquake and tsunami, what they have contributed should become a learning material for Tonga's present generation and those to come."

Nanise Fifita.