25 Jun 2013

Hopes for Tonga's Ha'apai Group to go 100 percent organic

8:30 pm on 25 June 2013

There are hopes in Tonga that the Ha'apai island group will soon be declared 100 percent organic.

The islands are already significant producers of virgin coconut oil but the Tonga National Youth Congress says the impact of full organic status could boost fish processing and craft manufacture and stimulate eco tourism.

The Congress's director, Vanessa Lolohea, says there are already 11 certified organic growers on Ha'apai, and the bulk of the others have registered their desire for certification.

She says they were inspected earlier this year.

"And we are awaiting to see the result of those organic certifications[process]."

The reason why we pushed the Ha'apai Islands was because most of the growers on one particular island had all registered. So it is easier for us to certify one whole island group.

Vanessa Lolohea.