23 Jul 2013

Tonga Advisory Council calls for end to college rivalry in kingdom

9:22 pm on 23 July 2013

The chair of the New Zealand based Tonga Advisory Council, Melino Maka, says the rivalry between Tonga and Tupou Colleges has to be tackled at the highest level in the kingdom - by the government and the church.

Mr Maka, who is a former student of Tupou College, says the rivalry between the two schools is ingrained and has been so for many years.

He says senior officials from the government, which runs Tonga College, and the Free Wesleyan Church which runs Tupou College, need to step in to stop it.

Mr Maka says they could start by banning the schools from sport events.

"Because that will really hit them really hard because those two schools they are very proud of their traditional sports - how they produce the top Tonga sports people."