5 Sep 2013

Kiribati floating island still an option for climate refugees

7:22 pm on 5 September 2013

The president of Kiribati, Anote Tong, says his country is still considering a scheme to house refugees from sea level rise on a floating island.

Speaking during the Pacific Islands Forum summit, Mr Tong, says Kiribati will need to relocate some of its population and an idea first broached two years ago - building a floating island - is still being discussed with aid donors.

He says his government has had discussions with Japan about it.

"It's worth two billion dollars. It would accommodate something like 30 thousand people for the next 100 years,, but we are looking at all of these options. I had a visit from one of the largest corporations in Japan who are interested in doing this - something like an oil rig OK but it will just be a floating city."