13 Sep 2013

Another Fiji party asks government to explain reported pay hikes

6:21 pm on 13 September 2013

Another political party in Fiji has joined the call for the Government to justify a reported salary hike for permanent secretaries.

The Fiji Labour Party had earlier released a report, which detailed massive sums that were being paid to heads of Government departments.

The People's Democratic Party says the Government should confirm or deny the claim.

The party spokesperson Nirmal Singh says the rest of the civil service has had no increase in wages since the 2006 coup and there's a huge disparity between them and the department heads.

"The government is so keen and thinks it's so good for taking out press releases for everything they do in the country and unfortunately we haven't seen any press release coming out regarding the salary increases of the civil servants. So because of the speculation based on a memo that went out from the Public Service Commission we are asking the government to confirm or deny if this is true."

Nirmal Singh.