25 Sep 2013

Benefits touted with better Vanuatu accommodation

6:57 pm on 25 September 2013

The Vanuatu Tourism Office is encouraging island bungalow operators to improve the quality of their accommodation to help grow the local economy in rural areas.

Provincial tourism officers have been assessing outer-island bungalows, and all that meet the minimum standard will be listed on the Vanuatu Tourism Office website.

The Vanuatu Tourism Office's principal accreditation officer, Jerry Spooner, says this is to improve competitiveness and ensure that the services provided meet visitors expectations.

He says almost all outer island bungalows are operated by locals, and have a flow-on economic effect.

"Most of the operators themselves would buy crops, veggies, either from village members or family or friends, transport to provide transport for the tourists. Generally it's a flow of cash not just for the operators themselves but it's right throughout the whole village and the islands, depending on the size."

Jerry Spooner says the tourism office will work with bungalow owners who don't meet minimum standards to help them improve.