25 Nov 2013

Former editor in Indonesia says Government must solve Papua issue

8:05 am on 25 November 2013

A former Chief Editor of the Jakarta Post says restrictions on foreign media visiting the Indonesian provinces of Papua and West Papua should be lifted.

Endy Bayuni says there is a lack of development and social justice in the region, and there are frequent human rights violations, which means the interest of foreign media is understandable.

Endy Bayuni says the Government must look at problems from the inside rather than worry about outside impressions.

"If there is a problem in Papua this is mostly because of mismanagement and misrule on the part of Indonesia in Papua. We mishandled Timor-Leste badly but we have not learned the lessons of Timor-Leste. We seem to be repeating the mistakes in Timor-Leste in preventing justice to the Papuan people"

Endy Bayuni says Papua is the most resource-rich region but a long way from Jakarta, where it is seen only for its economic benefits, and the Government must look after the people if it wants to avoid unrest.