17 Dec 2013

Vanuatu government expected to easily defeat no confidence motion

3:28 pm on 17 December 2013

The Vanutu prime minister, Moana Carcasses, is shortly expected to face a motion for a vote of no confidence, but local reports say he will easily defeat it.

The opposition is bringing the motion, but say they have the support of just 17 MPs of the 52 in the House, while the government claims the backing of 36.

The opposition has said it was prompted to bring the motion after being approached by disgruntled government MPs.

They say there are a number of issues that raise concerns about the government's performance.

These include controversial reforms in the health sector that last week saw more than 100 nurses suspended and calls for the health minister to be removed.

The opposition is also critical of the way Mr Carcasses has gone about a proposed huge airports development, saying it is being done without proper consultations or by following the correct procedures.