20 Jan 2014

First Marshalls deportation of 2014 to be first of many

4:17 pm on 20 January 2014

The Marshall Islands chief of Immigration says the deportation of a South Korean man last week is to be the first of many.

Damien Jacklick says Juseak Park, also known as Tony Park, was deported to Nauru, as he is on an Interpol wanted list for fraud in South Korea.

Mr Jacklick says this is just the start and he will be enforcing the removal process.

He says he has issued three more removal orders for visa over-stayers, and once deported, they will not be let back in.

He says Mr Park had come to the Marshall Islands from Nauru over a year ago, and although he was only on a visitor's visa, he started selling scrap metal to South Korea and was engaged in fraudulent activities involving overseas businessmen.

In 2009, South Korean law enforcement officials issued an arrest warrant for Mr Park for fraud, but he fled the country.