3 Feb 2014

Papuan militiaman shot dead by Indonesian military during firefight

7:33 pm on 3 February 2014

A Papuan militiaman has been shot dead in Indonesia's remote province of West Papua.

The Bangkok Post reports the police and military acted on a tip-off and raided a gathering of members of the rebel Free Papua Movement, or OPM, near a beach in the Yapen Waropen district on Saturday.

A Papua police spokesman Pudjo Sulistyo, says the two groups became involved in a shoot-out, after the armed militiamen refused to surrender.

He says one of the activists was shot dead in the firefight.

Police arrested eleven members and seized weapons, along with the outlawed pro-independence Morning Star flag.

Mr Sulistyo says three security officers were wounded.

The OPM has for years waged a low-level insurgency - often using bows and arrows rather than guns - against Indonesian rule over the resource-rich, ethnically Melanesian region.