7 Jan 2015

Flu in American Samoa hits schools

2:31 pm on 7 January 2015

More than 600 school students in American Samoa have been unable to start school because of a flu virus.

At the elementary school Manulele Tausala, its Secretary Makerita Manuma says 334 students and 15 of their teachers were away sick.

School principals are requested they report the number of students and teachers who are away sick and take the necessary precautions to stop the flu from spreading.

He said a third of Samoana High School's enrollment of more than 1,000 was affected.

Our correspondent Monica Miller says the virus is believed to be affecting every household in the territory.

"There's quite a lot to deal with. You know everybody that you talk to they have somebody that is sick, that has the flu. You know, runny nose and coughing."

Health authorities are advising people to regularly wash and sanitise their hands to help stop the flu from spreading.

Pago Pago, American Samoa

Pago Pago, American Samoa Photo: Wikipedia