28 Sep 2015

Samoa low-income families get improved housing

2:10 pm on 28 September 2015

About 260 low income families are getting help to improve their living situation in Samoa.

The joint project between the Habitat for Humanity, the Seventh Day Adventist Development Relief Agency, ADRA, and Samoa Housing Corporation is receiving US$700,000 from the New Zealand government.

ADRA Samoa Director Su'a Julia Wallwork says the project provides low-interest loans and access to services.

Su'a says 40 families will have improved housing by the end of the year with up to 260 being assisted over the next three years.

She says better living standards are needed in Samoa.

"In most of the cases, it's not building an entire building. It's helping to provide cyclone strapping to make their current living quarters more resilient in times of disasters. It's building the kitchen, a bathroom, living quarters, providing water catchments and water tanks where there's no water."