13 Jun 2016

Vehicle GPS saves Samoa Govt thousands

2:36 pm on 13 June 2016
Samoa government building, Apia.

Samoa government building, Apia. Photo: RNZI / Johnny Blades

A Samoan business has saved the government tens of thousands of dollars through a GPS vehicle tracking device aimed at combatting the misuse of company vehicles.

The founders of Skyeye came up with the solution to help save money and resources in both the private and government sectors.

Its clients include the government, which tracks around 200 of its vehicles, and the company is hoping to take its service across the region.

Skyeye's managing director, Christopher Saili, said a significant amount of money was being wasted through vehicle misuse.

"Already we've been able to demonstrate massive savings in the National Health Service in Samoa," said Mr Saili. "First month of tracking I think they saved 30,000 tala (US$11,000)."

Something that we feel very passionate about is actually being able to make these governments more responsible and understand exactly what they're spending," he said. "They don't actually know that. They don't have the tools to be able to see that."