21 Jun 2016

Pacific Panthers launched to continue activism

7:35 pm on 21 June 2016

A new Pasifika advocacy group in New Zealand has been handed the torch as the Polynesian Panthers activist movement marks its 45 year anniversary.

Past members of the Panther movement were among those who attended a fono in Palmerston North over the weekend to discuss issues and officially launch the 'Pacific Panthers'.

Teanau Tuiono said the group came about after their involvement in a recent climate change conference.

Mr Tuiono said there was also a need to ignite and unite the networks of Pasifika groups across the country.

He said out of the fono, a number of issues were identified as priorities for the group.

"West Papua was an issue. Some of the folks that came down from Auckland were very concerned about homelessness issues. That came to the fore as well. Climate change issues of course. So there is a lot of issues, it is just a matter of connecting to see where the passion but see also where the commitment is so we can galvanise and organise."