22 Jun 2016

Nauru MP says Channel 9 report 'not independent'

3:11 pm on 22 June 2016

A Nauru MP says he's astonished that a credible Australian news programme came to investigate Nauru and didn't speak to any opposition MPs.

Roland Kun had his visa cancelled for over a year and cannot visit his family in New Zealand.

Channel 9's 'A Current Affair' aired the programme on Monday evening, and refugee advocates said the coverage was unbalanced and superficial.

Roland Kun

Roland Kun Photo: Nauru government

The reporter told viewers there was five month's of preparation and research.

Mr Kun said his plight and that of other suspended MPs was well known and he should have been at least approached for comment.

"They haven't made any contact with me, they haven't made any contact with any of my colleagues, in the last five months of their research work," he said.

"I very much question their interpretation of independent and informed reporting if that excludes opposition MPs when they are visiting Nauru."

Roland Kun said the timing of the programme, two weeks from an election, is unfortunate as it paints Nauru politics in an unrealistic light.