22 Jul 2016

American Samoa Mynah trapping to go on

3:39 pm on 22 July 2016

An invasive birds specialist who has been working in American Samoa for the past seven months is confident her work eliminating mynah birds will be continued by her network of volunteer trappers.

Mynas threaten native trees and plants and plunder valuable fruits.

As of mid July Saveeda Cruz's group had trapped and exterminated 2,300 of the birds.

She is about the leave American Samoa and feels certain that the local trappers, who are volunteers will continue the work.

"I know that the trappers will keep on trapping - they told me you know. When I talk with them they don't want me to leave, they want to keep on trapping. It's like such a lot of interest that I am finding in local communities."

Mynah bird

Mynah bird Photo: Supplied

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