20 Jan 2017

Plan aims to develop Vanuatu's economy and infrastructure

3:47 pm on 20 January 2017

Developing Vanuatu's economy and infrastructure, while preserving culture and the environment are the key themes of Vanuatu's new strategic plan.

Port Vila, Vanuatu.

Port Vila, Vanuatu. Photo: RNZI

The plan, called Vanuatu 2030, was launched by the Prime Minister Charlot Salwai in Port Vila this week.

The 20-page document will serve as the over-arching policy framework for the government's development plans for the next 13 years.

Mr Salwai said the plan was ambitious, and will seek to ensure that all government programmes seek to enhance the themes.

While vague on detail, the plan seeks to improve infrastructure, education and healthcare, develop the sustainable economy and rural sector and mitigate against the effects of climate change.

It also promises political reforms to shore up stability in Port Vila.

The government said it was committed to implementing the plan, and public agencies will have to follow it and regularly report on how it's being implemented.

Read the Vanuatu 2030 plan here.