Nine to Noon on Wednesday 30 July 2008

9:05 Losses in super funds over the past year

Ralph Stewart, Chief Executive of AXA - on of the biggest Kiwisaver and superscheme providers; Diana Crosson, The Retirement Commissioner; and Professor Ben Jacobsen, Professor of Finance at Massey University, Albany

9:30 Wireless implantable medical devices

Dr David Budgett from Auckland University Bioengineering Institute where they are developing wireless power transfer technology for use in human medicine, such as heart pumps.

9:45 Australia correspondent Paul Barclay

10:05 Euphemisms - where they came from and why we use them

Nigel Rees, British author, presenter and creator of the radio series Quote Unquote, is a leading commentator on the English language. In his latest book A Man about a Dog - Euphemisms and other examples of Verbal Squeamishness, Nigel has collected 2,467 examples of euphemistic phrases; those expressions that so inventively display the art of mincing words. The most interesting aspects are all the ways to say going to the toilet, having sex or dying.

10:30 Book Review: A Case of Exploding Mangoes by Mohammed Hanif

Reviewed by Phil Vine
Published by Jonathan Cape, ISBN 978 022 408 2426

10:45 Book reading:The Mesmeristwritten and read by Barbara Ewing

Part 8 of 15.
Published by Sphere, ISBN 978-1847-440228.

11:05 Artist of the Week with Marty Duda

Today's artist is John Mellencamp

Tracks featured:

Chestnut Street Incident - Johnny Cougar
taken from the 1976 album Chestnut Street Incident

Jack & Diane - John Cougar
from the 1982 album American Fool

Rain On The Scarecrow - John Cougar Mellencamp
taken from the 1985 album Scarecrow

Don't Need This Body - John Mellencamp
taken from the 2008 album Life Death Love And Freedom
(Hear Music)

11:30 Legal commentator Robert Lithgow, Wellington Barrister

11:45 Film Review with Graeme Tuckett