22 Sep 2015

Aus leadership bodes well for renewable energy

3:51 pm on 22 September 2015

Trustpower says Australia's change of leadership bodes well for its chances of increasing its investment in renewable energy there.

The IPCC report said electricity must be produced by low-carbon sources by 2050.

Photo: AFP

Australia's new Energy Minister has hinted at renewable sources playing a bigger part in future policy, under the country's new leader, Malcolm Turnbull.

The outgoing Tony Abbott was a vocal opponent of what he calls 'visually awful' wind turbines, and has criticised renewable energy targets.

Trustpower, which already runs the Snowtown windfarm in Adelaide, said Australia was changing its tone about renewable energy.

Chief executive Vince Hawksworth said the country's targets were reduced under the Abbott government, but could well increase over time.

"With investment in these sorts of assets that last a long time, you're really seeking to have energy policy that doesn't swing radically if there's a change of government.

"There's more opportunity for that to happen with the new ministry."

Mr Hawksworth said that meant more opportunity for Trustpower to invest over there.

"We've always had the belief that in the medium term, thinking beyond individual government terms, that the opportunity in Australia for this transition from a coal dominated environment, to a much bigger renewables platform, is very real and a great investment opportunity."

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