14 Feb 2012

E-commerce holds promise for Freightways growth

10:10 am on 14 February 2012

Freightways' e-commerce business has become the fastest growing segment in the group and is expected to help drive further growth in the next six months.

The listed logistics company on Monday announced a $19 million profit in the six months to December - 20% more than in the same period a year earlier. Revenue rose 9% to $192 million.

Freightways managing director Dean Bracewell expects continued gradual improvement in the next six months across all its market segments - but one of its top performers is e-commerce or online shopping.

"We've set up an international mail centre at the airport and we can offer and end-to-end service for in-bound volume into New Zealand from anywhere in the world.

"That investment in years gone by is certainly paying off now with the growth we're seeing in online shopping."

Dean Bracewell says the company is specifically targetting Trade Me users as part of its plans to grow its e-commerce division.

He says online shopping and e-commerce are still relatively small compared with other parts of the company's business, but one area showing significant growth is "Pass the Parcel" - a joint initiative between Freightways, one of its subsidiaries Post Haste, and Trade Me.

Mr Bracewell says it is the preferred option for delivery of goods traded on Trade Me and demand for the service has grown significantly in the last quarter.