Cantabrians asked to consider cost of power network

8:33 pm on 2 May 2013

The Commerce Commission is encouraging Cantabrians to think about how much they are willing to pay to get the region's electricity network back to pre-earthquake standards.

The commission is analysing lines company Orion's proposal to recover $86 million from consumers to cover the cost of fixing its network.

Orion's price increase means the average household could pay an extra $8.70 a month from April next year.

The company wants to have the work completed by 2019, and the Commerce Commission says people need to consider whether they want a cheaper option that takes longer but also lengthens the perioid in which there is a risk of power outages.

The commission's deputy chair, Sue Begg, says another consideration is that Orion could save money by lowering the quality of its infrastructure.

The commission has the final say on how much prices can be raised.