4 Apr 2012

School choice seen as illusion for disabled children

12:10 pm on 4 April 2012

A group representing people with disabilities and their families says a new survey shows school choice is an illusion for many families.

CCS Disability Action says most of the respondents to its survey found choosing a school stressful, and a third did not enrol their children in their nearest school.

Radio New Zealand's education correspondent says 217 parents of children who get special needs funding from the Ministry of Education, responded to the survey.

A fifth of the parents said they moved their child to a different school because of problems with the attitudes of teachers and principals.

A quarter did so because they felt disrespected or because teachers did not understand their child's needs.

More than a third of respondents said problems with schools meant their child's start at school was delayed and their potential was not being realised.

CCS says the survey reinforces a case the IHC is taking to the Human Rights Tribunal against the ministry.