20 Apr 2012

NZ captain seizes 180kg of pure heroin at sea

12:30 pm on 20 April 2012

A New Zealand commander of a British warship says a massive drug bust in the middle of the Indian Ocean may have put a dent in the finances of global terrorists.

Captain Lance Cook was deputy commander of the Combined Task Force 150, which intercepted a boat carrying 180 kilograms of pure heroin.

The vessel, an Arabian fishing dhow with eight armed people on board, had come from the North Arabian sea heading towards Africa.

"While the boarding party was on board that ship, that was when they discovered the 180kg of bagged heroin," he says. "Terrorist organisations use narcotics to fund their activities".

Captain Cook says the drug bust was significant for the ship's crew because it was the second time they had stopped drug smugglers.