27 Apr 2012

Release of repeat sexual offenders questioned

7:59 am on 27 April 2012

A man whose daughter was the target of a repeat sexual predator wants the public to know when such offenders are released back into the community.

At the High Court in Wellington on Thursday, Justin Johnston was jailed indefinitely for attempting to sexually violate the man's daughter and threatening to do the man grievous bodily harm.

Johnson spent 15 years in prison for previous sex attacks before he was found in the family's backyard last July.

He said he was there to do a burglary, but late last year a jury found he intended to sexually attack the girl, who was alone in a nearby sleepout.

The girl's father, who cannot be named for legal reasons, says the community needs to know when ticking timebombs like Johnston are released, in order to prevent future attacks.