4 Jan 2013

Mother makes last-ditch appeal against radiotherapy

8:27 am on 4 January 2013

A New Zealand woman in Britain who has been fighting against the use of conventional medicine to treat her seven-year-old son's brain tumour has made a last-ditch appeal against his having radiotherapy.

Neon Roberts has had surgery twice for a malignant brain tumour - the second time following a court order after a judge overruled Sally Roberts' demands to try alternative therapies.

The boy's radiotherapy is due to begin next week.

Ms Roberts, of Auckland, has been involved in the bitter legal dispute and is appealing against the decision, saying she is determined to find a medic to back up her wishes, a Radio New Zealand correspondent in London reports.

Doctors have been preparing Neon for surgery, but told the court that while most patients with the same condition as his have an 80% survival rate, Neon's now stands at 67% because of the delays caused by the legal action.

Ms Roberts is concerned that the radiotherapy will affect her son's growth and chances of having children and is adamant that she is doing the best for her son.

She told British media that alternative therapies are not being properly considered.