22 Jan 2013

Rigger accuses CAA of ignoring safety problems

8:05 pm on 22 January 2013

A rigger criticised for his role in a helicopter crash on the Auckland waterfront says the Civil Aviation Authority is ignoring serious safety problems.

The authority's final report into the crash in November 2011 is expected to be released shortly, but a preliminary report blamed rigging supervisor Scott Anderson for grabbing a cable which hit the rotor blades.

Mr Anderson says an independent investigation commissioned by his insurance company found that the hook was used incorrectly, the authority's own pre-flight requirements weren't carried out, the contingency plans were ignored and the pilot chose a cable that was too short.

Mr Anderson says while the CAA says no one will be prosecuted, he feels that his professional reputation is at stake.

A CAA spokesperson says investigators are considering the insurer's findings in their final report, likely to be released in the next couple of weeks.