29 Jan 2013

Call for Auckland Council to keep Gold Card subsidy

6:10 pm on 29 January 2013

Grey Power is calling on the Auckland Council to retain a transport subsidy during peak time travel.

At present, Gold Card holders in Auckland can travel for free on public transport from 9am to midnight - unlike other parts of New Zealand where the subsidy stops after 3pm.

Grey Power is concerned that the subsidy might be dropped as part of a review of public transport in the region.

Grey Power Auckland president Anne-Marie Coury made a submission to the council on Tuesday.

"We want the subsidy from 3pm to midnight to be retained, specifically for the Waiheke residents because to get to specialist healthcare in Greenlane and home again is impossible under the 9 to 3 regime that exists in the rest of the country."

Ms Coury says older people need to use public transport to get to their volunteer jobs, medical appointments and family.