1 Feb 2013

Morning Report: local papers

8:26 am on 1 February 2013

Friday's headlines: Wreckage of microlight found by flyer's father; u-turn over higher fees at Hamilton public library; dangerous criminal re-arrested three hours after leaving prison.

NZ Herald

The New Zealand Herald leads with news that a West Coast father found the wreckage of his son's microlight on a beach near the family home. Peter Ashby went in search of his son Cole on Thursday morning, after receiving a call the plane was overdue.

Television presenter Ali Mau is pictured with a headline promising more on why Television New Zealand decided to have a new current affairs programme at 7pm.

Waikato Times

Under the headline "I love you, sorry" The Waikato Times reports on a family's search for a man who disappeared this week. Sue Harrison is appealing for information about her husband Paul who has been missing since Wednesday.

Library-customers have been talking with their feet and may have forced Hamilton City Council into an U-turn over fee rises.

Dominion Post

The Dominion Post reports on what's thought to be the briefest prison release in New Zealand history: a dangerous criminal was arrested only three hours after he walked free from prison.

The man who has affiliations with the Killer Beez gang was fitted with a GPS bracelet to monitor his movements and was arrested after he travelled south of a defined boundary.

Acouple dressed as Adam and Eve are pictured for the Sevens rugby tournament this weekend. They are part of a group of 89 Sevens fans who will dress as the vine-clad couple.

The paper also reports emergency services are bracing themselves for and onslaught of drunk Sevens revellers.

The Press

The Press reports on the crash of the microlight on a West Coast beach on its front page. Police say two men killed in the crash had gone for a flight after work, but were still flying when a dense sea fog rolled in about 9pm on Thursday.

Christchurch had its sunniest January yet.


The Otago Daily Times says more than 190 employees at Summit Wool Spinners in Oamaru are being made redundant with the sale of the woollen mill to carpet manufacturer Godfrey Hirst.

One employee at the mill, which is the town's second largest employer, said they were ''gobsmacked''.

And Silver Fern Farms is considering moving its Dunedin headquarters into the former chief post office.