11 Apr 2013

Police view on Crewe investigation entrenched, says author

9:02 am on 11 April 2013

An author who has written about the Crewe murders believes the review of the case will inevitably clear the police of any wrongdoing.

Arthur Allan Thomas has spoken out against the police, after comments a senior officer made at the funeral of the officer in charge of the original investigation 40 years ago.

The head of the murder investigation, Bruce Hutton, died two weeks ago and at his funeral was remembered by Deputy Police Commissioner Mike Bush as an officer whose integrity was beyond reproach.

Speaking publicly about the officer for the first time in nearly a decade, Mr Thomas said the eulogy shocked, dismayed and disgusted him because a Royal Commission found that Mr Hutton had planted evidence that led to his conviction.

Mr Thomas said the police should not be conducting their own review because they won't want to criticize their own.

Author Keith Hunter says police have always claimed they did nothing wrong and that is simply not going to change, as it is now part of police culture.