18 Oct 2009

Motorcycle club members plan ACC protest

2:17 pm on 18 October 2009

One of the country's biggest motorcycle clubs is arranging a series of rides to MPs' offices to protest at proposed ACC levy rises.

Owners of motorbikes of more than 600cc could see their fee rise from $252 to $735, while moped owners face a rise from the current $58 to $246.

The Ulysses Club for motorbike enthusiasts over the age of 50, which has about 3000 members, held a meeting on Saturday to discuss the increases.

National president Peter McIntosh says members are planning to ride to ACC minister Nick Smith's electorate office. The club is encouraging motorcyclists to contact their MPs to show there is a depth of feeling.

He says charging larger bikes more is unfair as most accidents involving motorbikes tend to involve those with lower cc ratings. Older riders on bigger bikes have more skill, he says.

Mr McIntosh would like to see a graduated system of levies, some reward for the amount of training riders have and for those with cleaner licences.