29 Oct 2009

Jury hears child being coached in what to tell police

2:09 pm on 29 October 2009

A jury at the High Court in Auckland has heard secret recordings of a couple discussing coaching their eldest daughter in what to say to police about the death of their baby, aged 11 weeks.

Azees Mohamed, 31, is accused of murdering and causing grievous bodily harm to his daughter Tahani who died of her injuries on New Years Day last year.

Mr Mohamed is also jointly charged with his wife Tabbasum with failing to provide the necessities of life.

In one excerpt of the recordings, Azees Mohamed says in Hindi, 'we have ideas to coach or prime or train Tasu, referring to his daughter Tasmia.

He and his wife then discuss what Tasmia will say if she is asked what happened to baby Tahani, with the translation reading, 'Daddy hit slash killed her, Daddy will hit slash killed her.