17 Nov 2009

Plan to move Hillary house 'in jeopardy'

4:10 pm on 17 November 2009

Mountaineer Graeme Dingle says his plans to move and preserve the late Sir Edmund Hillary's house are in jeopardy because he hasn't been able to reach the new owner.

Earlier this year the property was bought by Auckland businessman Terry Jarvis, who has indicated he does not want to keep the house itself.

Mr Dingle says Mr Jarvis told him he could move the house to the Kaipara District, a plan he says was supported by the Hillary family.

But he says he can't get hold of Mr Jarvis to get the final go-ahead and feels he can no longer keep contractors and builders on hold.

Mr Dingle says it would be a disgrace if the Remuera home was demolished and he hopes that will not be the case.

A friend of Mr Jarvis says he just wants to do the right thing, and Mr Dingle's plan is one of several worthy projects being considered.