17 Nov 2009

Women's Refuge creates safe house for violent men

2:07 pm on 17 November 2009

Women's Refuge is setting up a safe house in Gisborne to give violent men a place to stay in while they address their problems.

It will have places for up to four men and would be run by male social workers and counsellors.

Vi Pirini, the manager of Gisborne Women's Refuge, Te Whare Tu Wahine, says removing men from a violent situation is a practical move, as it is easier to move one person than all the other family members.

Ms Pirini says the safe house will have services for violent men similar to those it offers women victims staying at its refuges.

"We'd deliver support and advocacy, counselling if they need it, develop a safety plan around them and keeping themselves safe as well as their families."

The safe house will begin operating by 14 December.