18 Sep 2013

Company seeking right to appeal against women's wage ruling

3:10 pm on 18 September 2013

A company is seeking the right to appeal against an employment court ruling which could lead to higher wages in industries dominated by low paid women.

The judgement is linked to the case of a woman working at a Lower Hutt rest home who has taken her employer to court arguing low wages for aged care workers amount to gender discrimination.

A preliminary decision from the Employment Court has found that low wages can be considered discriminatory to women, even if there is a small group of men earning the same amount.

On Wednesday the company that owns the rest home, TerraNova Homes and Care Limited, filed an application for leave to appeal the decision.

The substantial case itself has yet to be heard.

Some 92% of aged care workers are women and caregivers employed by the rest home in the court case earn $15 an hour or less.