9 Dec 2013

Leaked papers reveal deep divisions on TPP

7:36 pm on 9 December 2013

Leaked papers on the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations reveal deep differences between the 12 countries negotiating the agreement.

Negotiators are trying to stitch together a deal in Singapore, but the papers released by Wikileaks indicate they might struggle to do so.

The papers show that New Zealand, among a number of countries, rejects many of the proposals being pushed in the negotiations by the United States.

Professor Jane Kelsey is in Singapore for the talks and says they also show that New Zealand is not supporting a push for a general exception for public health, the environment and public morals in the investment part of the agreement.

However, the papers show that in the lead-up to these talks, New Zealand rejected many of the proposals for the treatment of medicines and intellectual property rights.

What is not clear is what concessions countries might be making now to get a deal.