10 Jan 2014

Light plane crashes in surf

5:37 pm on 10 January 2014

A light plane was forced to make an emergency landing on a beach north of Auckland, only to crash into the surf on takeoff shortly after.

The plane begins to taxi down the beach.

The plane begins to taxi down the beach. Photo: SUPPLIED

Tim Davin was at Mahurangi beach on Friday afternoon and watched the plane circle before making an emergency landing. He says he spoke to the pilot later who told him a fuel blockage forced them to land.

Mr Davin filmed the plane as it tried to take off while the tide was in. A short way down the beach the left wheel seemed to hit the water, causing the aircraft to nose-dive into the sand.

The plane's propellor and wing were broken, but the pilot and passenger walked away unhurt.

A spokesperson for the Civil Aviation Authority said they have not yet been notified formally of the crash, but there is no requirement for the pilot to make an immediate notification.

Watch the failed takeoff at Mahurangi beach