5 May 2014

Half of residents 'want to be bought out'

3:26 pm on 5 May 2014

Residents of the Flockton Basin area met throughout Saturday to provide urgent information to a mayoral taskforce on flooding.

The councillor for Shirley-Papanui, Ali Jones, says about half of the residents said they would like a buy-out option.

She says about half of those would stay if they were confident the proposed flood-protection methods would work.

Ms Jones says the most popular solutions included using industrial pumps as soon as rain begins.

More flooding for Flockton.

Properties have been repeatedly flooded in Flockton Basin suburbs. Photo: RNZ / Nicola Grigg

A Christchurch resident's group says the meetings are a welcome change to the way it has consulted people over the past three years.

The spokesperson for the Flockton Cluster residents group Joanne Byrne says homeowners want to have the option of selling their land to the council.

"What we're really trying to work on, is that the community's voice is heard in any decisions made about us. I think there's been far too many decisions made in Christchurch without imput from people," she said.

The group says a third of those it has surveyed want a buy-out offer.

Appalled at delay

A Christchurch community board member says he is appalled the report from the meetings will not go to a full council meeting for another week.

Aaron Keown, who sits on the Shirley-Papanui board, says he has been told the document from the meetings will sit on the desk of the Mayor Lianne Dalziel from Wednesday, until it is heard by the full council next Monday.

Mr Keown says the meetings should have been held on Monday so residents had more notice.