26 Feb 2015

High dollar prompts price review call

7:06 pm on 26 February 2015

A consumer advocate says Australian chain stores may need to change the prices they are charging in New Zealand if the dollar stays high.

The New Zealand dollar has been sitting at above 95 Australian cents for the past fortnight and some economists believe the currencies will soon reach parity.

Some shoppers told Radio New Zealand they were annoyed when they saw the Australian dollar price on tags here and realised they were paying more than their Australian counterparts.

Consumer New Zealand chief executive Sue Chetwin said the shops might soon need to look at their pricing but the issue was complex.

"Those products were probably made in China and they would probably have been paid for with US dollars so it's not just quite as simple as saying that once the NZ dollar matches the Australian dollar then the prices should be the same," she said.