25 May 2015

The return of 10-year passports

6:44 pm on 25 May 2015

Cabinet has approved the return of 10-year passports for adults.

New Zealand passport

New Zealand passport Photo: 123rf

Internal Affairs Minister Peter Dunne said a law change to lengthen their validity would be introduced to Parliament soon, and was expected to be place from 31 December 2015.

He said 10-years was more convenient for adult passport holders, but because a child's appearance changes significantly, the child passport would remain at five years.

"The 10-year validity period gives greater convenience to most adult passport holders, as they will need to renew their passport less frequently.

"This will also result in a reduction in the annual price of an adult passport for New Zealanders."

The price of an adult passport would be no more than $180, including GST - an average saving of more than $90 over the 10-year validity period, Mr Dunne said.

"This timing is based on a truncated Select Committee consideration of the amending legislation.

"However, since a Select Committee considered the question of the length of a passport only last year I will be writing to all parties in Parliament to seek their support for a shortened Select Committee consideration period to enable New Zealanders to obtain their new 10-year passports as soon as practicable," Mr Dunne said.